We follow the latest developments closely and take on any challenge. A special request or challenging project? We always find a good solution.

Diverse machinery with professional maintenance service

Quality work can only be done with the right people and machines. That is why the company invests in modern, durable and efficient machinery. Thanks to an in-house maintenance team, these machines remain in top condition day after day.

Cranes & Grabs

Our cranes are equipped with steerable axles and specially designed with quick couplings between crane and grapple to switch smoothly between various works.

  • 40 to 360 tonnes
  • rapid mobilisation and demobilisation
  • arm length from 16 to 32 metres
  • capacity from 350 to 1200 tonnes per hour
  • equipped with overpressure cabin
  • types: tyre crane, mobile crane and electric crane
  • environmental, timber, tree and poly grapple (semi-open and closed)
  • extensions
  • pallet and tube clamp
  • hydraulic lifting beams

Latest acquisition: Mantsinen 300

Skid steer loaders

Our skid-steer loaders (bobcats) provide efficient support during and after unloading.

  • 1.5 to 3 tonnes
  • efficient support during ship unloading
  • ensure thorough cleaning
  • equipped with pressurised cabin


Our trucks offer the required solutions for both first mile and last mile transport. Crane company D Buermans guarantees a complete solution and is happy to go that “extra mile” for both first, second and third line water-bound companies.

  • diverse fleet
  • for all bulk and breakbulk goods
  • first- and last mile transport
  • equipped with pressurised cabin

Wheel loaders

Our wheel loaders (bulldozers) provide the necessary support while moving the goods.

  • up to 6m³
  • equipped with pressurised cabin


  • up to 60 tonnes payload
  • reversing camera
  • blind spot mirrors

Flatbed trailers

Our flatbed trailers play an essential role in our operations; they ensure that our cranes and other machinery arrive on time and at the right location for loading, unloading or transporting your goods.

  • Transport of up to 90 tonnes
  • Equipped with remote-controlled steering axles
  • Blind spot camera
  • Rear view camera
  • Used for transport mobile cranes, conveyors, dumpers

Tipper truck

  • equipped with weighing system
  • automatic sliding curtain

Own maintenance service

Our mechanics and (laser) welders follow specialist training to stay up to date: welding cutters on gripper, high-quality steel, Hardox and aluminium. They service the fleet of cranes to a very high standard.

A lathe, boring machine, rotary cutter, own fire table and hydraulic press (up to 900 tons) are available. All this makes our warehouse a place where repairs for our machinery can be carried out safely and professionally.

The result? Every machine is in perfect condition. The inspection organisation OCB pays us a visit every three months for our new test certificates

Do you need technical support? You can contact our team of experts around the clock.