About us

Kraanbedrijf D. Buermans, Olen, specialized in loading and unloading of inland and seagoing vessels in Belgium and the Netherlands.

45 years of experience

Louis Buermans founded his crane company in Itegem in 1977 with… a single Lorain crane. Things ran like clockwork: his small company has grown into a successful business with 45 employees.

Daniël Buermans is the company director now. His wife Ilse Warmoes and son Robin help to manage the business, with a strong focus on Belgium and the Netherlands. Servicesafety and quality are the main priorities.

All our employees are ready to help customers day and night. The company attributes its success to a winning combination: the constant commitment of our experienced personnel and a strong policy. This guarantees efficient and excellent processing of every request. Including yours.

Health and safety

The crane company has a single top priority: safety. Every employee follows specialist training. And every crane operator, skid-steer loader driver and lorry driver has a VCA (safety, health and environmental checklist) certificate.

The health of our personnel is also very important: the cranes, lorries and skid-steer loaders are all equipped with overpressure systems to protect our operators and drivers from the polluted outside air.

The Power of Together

Kraanbedrijf D. Buermans has been a highly valued partner of Multi Logistics Group since 2019. Multi Logistics Group is a co-shareholder in a wide range of logistics companies, consciously investing in knowledge transfer, sustainability and valuable partnerships.

Using “The Power of Together”, together with the Multi Logistics Group, Kraanbedrijf D. Buermans can offer complete multimodal solutions for more sustainable and efficient transport by road and water. The combination of extensive expertise and a national network of strategic locations has already led to nice growth