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How it all started…



1977, a special year, a man with a healthy ambition and a passion for excavation work: L. Buermans started a crane company of the Lorain brand in Itegem. Successfully as it was soon shown! Thanks to excellent service and focusing on safety and quality, the company experienced continuous growth.


Grown to more than 45 employees

Nowadays, D. Buermans is at the helm of the successful family business that now has 50 employees. Together they continue to build on a safe future. The area of expertise still continues to be the loading and unloading of barges, lighters and push barges everywhere in Belgium, the Netherlands and neighbouring countries.

Millions of metric tons have already been trans-shipped for very many satisfied customers.


Extensive fleet

D. Buermans has an extensive number of lorries, trucks and various types of cranes at its disposal to perform all your tasks quickly and in a qualitative manner. Regardless of where you may have to unload or load or which types of products or whether small or large inland waterway or even sea-going vessels are involved, Kraanbedrijf D. Buermans has a qualitative, safe and price-friendly solution for you.

We continuously invest in people and equipment so that each project is a success. Do you need to load or unload special materials? We can handle all materials. Do follow the progress of our projects!


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