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Safety and quality, SCC certificate from AIB-Vinçotte!

Kraanbedrijf D. Buermans BVBA is certified by AIB-Vinçotte. SCC equals health, safety and the environment. The certificate proves that we have a quality safety system in-house. Our activities are performed by correctly trained staff and certified equipment.


Reliable partner

AIB-Vinçotte calls D. Buermans a reliable partner for loading and unloading vessels. Our most important aim is to always eliminate all foreseen risks that may lead to personal injury, occupational illnesses, fire and damage to property and the environment both with regard to our own employees and third parties. All our efforts focus on preventing accidents and incidents or to limit their consequences to a minimum.

We always make the greatest effort with regard to health, safety and the environment day-in and day-out. This ensures that we can always ensure your job is completed successfully. We would like to thank you for your confidence and trust in us!


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