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Millions of metric tons experience

We can unload and load your products with regard to all types of inland waterway and sea-going vessels. Various materials and the most divergent work are possible thanks to the many cranes in our fleet. Service, safety and quality are at the top of our priority list. Always!


We can handle all products!

Both bulk and mixed cargo can be trans-shipped. Containers, pallets, big bags, steel tubes, concrete nets, concrete pipes, etc., everything can and we can reach the most difficult of locations with our mobile cranes. We guarantee prompt and excellent processing.

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Quality added value

We can do even more: stocking while saving on space, cleaning the quay once the work has been completed, supply of petro for our machinery on site and offering technical support, D. Buermans can take charge of all of this for you. Do you not have your own unloading quay?

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Transport to your company

If your company is not located next to a canal, we can move the products safely and quickly to your site thanks to our extensive fleet. Kraanbedrijf D. Buermans is ready to assist you both during working days and at weekends.

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