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Strong in working at heights and depths

Shafts, tunnels and tubes, you are at the right address at D. Buermans for excavation work. We offer a range of mobile (cable) cranes depending on the quantity to be trans-shipped, the matter and the operational width. Our cranes have been especially designed for unloading and loading of vessels and we always follow the latest developments with regard to cranes. We can serve construction pits, biomass installations, locks and all types of unloading quays.

Up to 1200 tons/hour

Our cranes can move from 350 to 1200 metric tons of material per hour. The sizes of the grabs vary from 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 to 9 m2. The grabs have an ingenious measuring system so that the quantity of unloaded matter can be measured accurately. We have completed innumerable jobs successfully.

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Our own maintenance department

Our cranes are mobile and equipped with controllable axles. The building and disassembly is accomplished very efficiently and quickly. Thanks to our extensive fleet of cranes and our own maintenance department we can always offer the best solution.


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